Google will now add a warning to unreliable search results

One of the major problems that users face on the Google search engine is the visibility of search results that are unreliable. It has happened to almost every user on Google where they have landed on pages that are not helpful but are still visible on the Google Search results. Now Google is taking yet another step to make sure that users do not have to waste their time on such unreliable results. From now on Google will issue a warning to the users if they are unable to verify the reliability of the search result in Google Search. 

Google wants to increase the accuracy of the reliable and correct information on the search results and due to this, they have added this feature to Google search. When Google is unable to find enough information about the topic on the search result, they will mark it as unreliable. Such issues have recently emerged more during the time of the pandemic, where people usually saw a lot of fake news and unreliable information on Google Search. 

The trend is basically more on breaking news and emerging topics as well. Google claims that they have made certain changes to their system which can detect such topics which are currently in news and then check the sources of the information that list on the Google Search engine. Google also claims that it has led to a reduction of 40% listing of unreliable news on the Search engine and will continuously grow from here.

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