Google working on a new feature to show a video carousel from TikTok and Instagram

Google is currently on the verge of bringing a lot of new features to its platform to retain its customers and even attract new ones. Recently, the company has started testing a new feature on their carousal where the users can see videos from Instagram and TikTok. It can be seen in the dedicated carousel in the Google app for mobile devices. As per a report, Google has been trying to index such video content for years now, and “It’s not clear to what extent it has any formal relationship with Facebook/Instagram or TikTok.” 

As per the official statement from Google “The feature is currently available in a limited way on the Google app for mobile devices and on the mobile web. The new dedicated carousel for Instagram and TikTok videos expands on a test-launched earlier this year.” In the test run, the company introduced a carousel of “Short videos” and a personalized content feed to present relevant content. These short stories are distinctive from webs stories and similar to Instagram stories. 

YouTube video

As per the report, “The expansion to include Instagram and TikTok content in this carousel was first reported by Search Engine Roundtable.” Ever since more and more platforms have started adding TikTok like features, the number of viewers for such small videos have increased by quite a big number. Due to this, Google has been trying to retain its users by bringing the videos from different platforms onto Google through an easy to browse and personalized carousel.

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