Google’s Recorder App: Bridging the Gap for Larger Screens

Each mobile phone manufacturer typically provides its own recording application, but Google Recorder stands out from the competition due to its exceptionally valuable transcription features. While the app was already helpful on its own, Google took it a step further last year by introducing the ability to identify individual speakers during recordings. With the imminent release of the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet, Google is preparing the Recorder app to function seamlessly on larger screens.

According to a report from 9to5Google, the latest update of Google Recorder features an enhanced user interface specifically tailored for these new devices. The app’s layout now divides the screen into two halves: one side displays the waveform recording, while the other showcases the transcription. Moreover, when utilizing the transcription service, the playback controls are located in the bottom-right corner instead of occupying the entire right-hand side.

Although the update is already being rolled out, most users will only notice significant changes once they acquire the new set of Pixel devices. Those who are already familiar with the Recorder web app will find this update quite similar in appearance. Additionally, users may have observed that the web app allowed for adjusting playback speeds, and they will be delighted to discover that this feature is now available on the mobile app as well.

Historically, Google has not devoted much attention to optimizing its applications for large-screen devices. However, with the imminent release of the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet, it seems that this trend is about to change. If you currently own an Android tablet and wish to utilize apps specifically designed for such devices, it would be worthwhile to explore the existing selection of tablet-optimized apps. While it may take some time before most Google apps become fully optimized for tablets, the recent update to Google Recorder represents a promising step in the right direction.

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