GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition faces multiple bugs soon after release

Rockstar Games has been one of the most popular gaming studios for a long time and especially for their most popular game, Grand Theft Auto. Recently, the studio released GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on November 11, which included the remastered version of their old GTA games. However, soon after the game was provided in the online stores, Rockstar Game Launcher was pulled offline for emergency maintenance, and the same was also notified to the users through a tweet.

However, even before that happened, many users were able to play the game and were able to capture screenshots and images. It was also found that the game has shipped with unlicensed music and dev notes, which should not have been a part of the game. Although the maintenance was fixed in a day, the users were able to point out a lot of bugs, issues, and crashes in the new game trilogy. Users also had complaints regarding missing textures, invisible props, bad lighting, heavy rainfall, bad character renders, and more.

Many users also went out to social media and claimed a refund for the game and to launch it after the bugs have been fixed. Now the gaming studio will be releasing the physical copy of the game in December and the users are expecting the bugs to be resolved by then. For now, if you have not purchased the new version of the remastered game, then it would be better to wait for some time unless the bugs are fixed.

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