Games like GTA V being targeted by Crypto malware

Games normally downloaded from the internet through unknown sources contain multiple malicious files like malware and virus. One such malware that has suddenly made an appearance in large numbers recently is the crypto-mining malware. As per the latest research, such malware is being used through games t secretly mine cryptocurrency over the past year. The details were released by Avast which is a popular antivirus app. Some of the most popular games that were found to be infected by the same were Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K19, and more. 

As per the details, the malware is named “Crackonosh” and has helped the hackers to earn more than two million till now. As per the details given by researchers, the malware has already affected several regions around the globe and is further expanding. The malware simply gets downloaded on the PC through the help of a game and then disables the update on the Windows system. Apart from that, it also disables the security software installed on the devices to make sure that it remains undetected. 

It has been suspected that the recent boom in the crypto market has led to the increase in the spread of malware and the same was also observed by antivirus company Kaspersky. As per them, if the crypto market goes strong this year, it can lead to an increase in such attacks. The companies are trying to fix such issues and are also requesting users not to download any such anonymous games from the internet.


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