HMD Global (Nokia Mobiles) Global VP Ajey Mehta exits the company to start his own venture in the healthcare sector.

HMD Global (Nokia Mobiles) Global VP Ajey Mehta has resigned from the company. He was responsible for handling the global business for Nokia and made the announcement on Monday, where he confirmed that he is exiting the company to start his own venture that will focus on the healthcare domain. As per his official statement, “After 16 incredible years, I have decided to bid farewell to my favorite Nokia Brand and explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship. 

From Nokia to Microsoft to HMD, I have worked in multiple roles across the world alongside brilliant people.” They had been a part of the Nokia brand from the time it had complete dominance in the phone industry and also when Nokia started losing its grip in the smartphone market. During this time, companies like Micromax and Samsung gained more market share, leading the market share of Nokia to just 10% by 2012. Since then, the company has been sold two times in 2014 and 2016, finally landing in the hands of Finnish start-up HMD Global. 

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Ajey was the one who had been overlooking the launch of Nokia’s Android smartphones and built its business in the Indian market. As per him, he wants to integrate the 5G technology in the healthcare sector which is one of the most important needs right now and as an entrepreneur, he will be exploring the Healthcare IoT space. The contribution by Ajey Mehta to Nokia has been tremendous and will surely be missed by Nokia after he exits the company.

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