Honor to launch a new 5G smartphone in the market

Honor as a smartphone brand was under Huawei, due to which the brand suffered a lot from US sanctions. However, ever since Huawei has sold the brand to a different company to cover its losses, it is no longer under the US sanctions and can continue to use US technologies in them. Now the brand is all ready to launch its new smartphone with 5G technology in the market. According to the details, Honor is currently working with Qualcomm to develop a 5G smartphone which could be launched in the Q2 of the year 2021. 

There are currently no details about the design and hardware of the phone as Honor has been trying to keep things quiet about it. Also, there is no information on what kind of chipset will be used in the phone. However, it is expected that Honor is trying to build the new smartphone Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 chipset, which has recently been released by Qualcomm to provide a more affordable version of 5G smartphones to the public. Also, the one thing that is confirmed is that the phone is not from the Honor V40 series. 

The Honor V40 is said to launch in the next couple of weeks and will be powered using the Dimensity 1000+SoC. Although there are currently no details about the new 5G smartphone, the company is making a great step forward into the smartphone market. Before Huawei sold the company, Honor had to incur a lot of loss and lack of demand in the market as well.


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