Huawei Band 6 to be launched soon, to be a rebranded version of Honor Band 6

We all know that Huawei and Honor were connected previously before Huawei decided to sell the Honor Unit. However, now Huawei has launched the Huawei Band 6, which is a fitness tracker and a rebranded Honor Band 6. The major selling factor for this fitness tracker will be the bigger screen and a two-week-long battery, which was also the feature set of Honor Band 6. The device has the same 1.47-inch AMOLED display, making it a lot roomier.

The only major difference that we will be able to notice in the Huawei Band 6 is that it is slightly smaller and has better battery life. The company confirms a battery life of 14 days and a minimum of 10 days with intense use. The fitness tracker also comes with an optical heart rate sensor and all-day SpO2 monitoring. The band will also warn the user about low blood oxygen levels throughout the day. The band will have 96 workout modes in total and six modes that can be auto-tracked like indoor/outdoor running, indoor/outdoor walking, elliptical, and rowing machine.

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It will also track the heart rate, sleep stages, and breathing rate during sleep. It will offer basic mirroring, a remote camera shutter, and the ability to control the phone’s music. The only downfall of the smart band is that it does not support any third-party apps. At the time Honor Band 6 was launched, the price was around $35, so it can be expected that the price of Huawei Band 6 can be somewhere near the same price range.

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