Huawei to sell off its Honor brand of the smartphone business.

Huawei has been offering some of the best hardware-specific phones in the market and they have also been trying to bring the best in the budget segment through their sub-brand Honor. However, it seems that Honor is going through a very rough patch in sales, due to which Huawei has finally decided to sell this unit. We all know the kind of problems Huawei has been going through after Android closed its gates for it. 

Due to this, the overall business had a huge impact on Huawei and this might be one of the reasons why they have decided to sell the Honor brand and its smartphone business. The information was leaked by Reuters which stated that Huawei is in talks with companies like Digital China Group, TCL, and Xiaomi to sell the business, which could turn out an amount of around $3.7 billion dollars. The sell-off will include Honor’s brand, its R&D division, and the accompanying supply chain management business. 

It would not only help Huawei to hold up the associated cost but will also allow Honor to work again as they will not be affected by the US sanctions if it was sold to someone else. Once that happens, Huawei will completely focus on the premium flagship smartphones with exceptional hardware specs. It is expected that Digital China Group is in the lead to buy this business and only a few authorizations and confirmations are left for the deal. No matter the reason behind selling the Honor brand, but it does seem to be a better decision for the company.

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