Huawei is working on new liquid lens camera technology for their future lineup

When it comes to modern-day smartphones, one of the most critical selling points for them has been the camera. The camera on a smartphone has come through a long process and evolution and it has been major smartphone companies using new technology to make the sensors better. When it comes to camera technology, Huawei has some of the best camera phones in the market right now. regardless of the Android operating system issue. The company is now trying to create a new camera technology, which would put them ahead of all the other smartphone brands. 

As per the Chinese media,  it is based on an (unspecified) type of liquid that changes shape in response to changes in the voltage acting on it. The new technology can help to bring the focus latencies down to the millisecond range, or closer to that of the human eye. Improving on this new technology with ultra-fast auto-focus could make the Huawei smartphones one of the best in terms of camera. One of the tipsters on social media Digital Chat Station has provided the details that the new sensor will soon be seen in a handset. 

The “liquid lenses” will be paired with the upcoming Sony IMX782 sensor. The same sensor could also be a part of the upcoming Mi 11 Pro. It is expected that more details about the new lens technology will be provided by the company in the future or in the launch of Mi 11 Pro. No matter when it comes to the market, but the results are going to be definitely off the charts.

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