Huawei’s Android license with Google has expired

Huawei has already been under a lot of scrutiny by the US government on sending the data of US customers to China, due to which the Android support and business with the US was severely impacted. However, the phones manufactured from Huawei still continued to be exported to the US as it had an ongoing license with Google. But it seems that the problems will get deeper for the company now as the license between Google and Huawei has now ended.

The report was provided by Washington Post, where it mentioned that the license came to an end on Thursday, which allowed Google to support and maintain Android on Huawei phones. With this, it will not only create more problems for Huawei but will also lead to an end of Kirin chipsets which were heavily used in Huawei phones with the Android operating system. The company is expected to launch a new range of smartphones on September 4 in the IFA event and the cancellation of the license can seriously impact the sales of the upcoming Huawei phones.

Also, due to this Huawei will not be able to participate in the 5G rollout in India, as the relationship between the two countries has not been positive lately. Huawei gets most of the sale numbers from China, and almost all of its phones are sold due to the strong technical specs of houses. With the Android support coming to an end, it will definitely affect the company in the long term, including the existing Android phone users who bought a Huawei smartphone.

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