New iMacs will be offered in various color options

We all know that Apple is going to have a “Spring Loaded” launch event on April 20, which will give details about the new product launches and the new display technology that they will be adopting going forward. Now a new leak has hinted that Apple will be introducing a lot of new color options for the new and updated iMac models. It is already confirmed that Apple will be launching new and refreshed models of iPads, Macs, and a lot more.

Also, the new design will be inspired by the iPhone 12 series, which has precise edges and corners instead of a rounded one. The leaks have tweeted an image on the platform where multiple G3 iMacs can be seen in various color options. It is also suspected that Apple might bring in larger screen size for the new iMac, but it has not been confirmed yet. The availability of color options was also rumored in February but there were not images and details to make the details credible.

However, it seems that Apple will definitely be going for color variants this time and will have the machines powered by the new Apple Silicon chipset. The display will also have an edge-to-edge design like the new iPad and iPhones. In terms of chipset, it is not yet confirmed if Apple is planning to use the M1 chipset or the M1X, which was speculated to be under development by Apple since January. However, the color options in the iMac do make it a lot more appealing.

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