The Indian government is closely monitoring the new changes in WhatsApp privacy policies

After the controversial changes in the privacy policy by WhatsApp, many people have not stopped using the App and have switched to its most popular alternative app called Signal. In fact, due to this, Signal has received a large number of users in the last 72 hours. Apart from this, the latest information also reveals that the stringent action of accepting the new privacy policies or removing the app is only meant for users in Indian and not for the users in European countries. It further hyped the dissatisfaction that the users had after being forced to accept the privacy policies

Now, as per the latest news, the Indian government has started examining the controversy surrounding WhatsApp’s new update. The issue has already been reported to the highest level of the IT ministry and the details are being collected to check the details. The sources confirmed that the government is concerned about the ‘regulatory vacuum’ in terms of data protection in India as there is no data protection law at present. A bill for a personal data protection law in the Parliament but is likely to take some time before becoming a law. 

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As per the statement from the official sources, “Also, the privacy update sought by WhatsApp in user agreement in European Union is seen as lenient while in India it is wide-ranging and may have terms that may potentially harm user privacy.” It has also been confirmed that the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT)  has asked the ministry to restrict WhatsApp from implementing the new privacy policy. It would be really interesting to see how the ministry reacts and understand the changes done by WhatsApp.

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