The Indian government is planning to develop a new indigenous smartphone OS to rival Android and iOS

When it comes to operating systems on a mobile platform, Android and iOS are undoubtedly the leaders. The government of India is now planning to develop and create a new operating system for the mobile platform which works in the same way as Google or the iOS ecosystem. The details were confirmed by the Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar. As per them, the current hardware ecosystem is driven by dominant Android and iOS operating systems and there is no alternative for both of these.

It is why the government of India is looking at new start-ups and academic ecosystems for the development of the indigenous operating system (OS). As per the Union Minister, if there are any real capabilities in developing in this area, then it would be a great opportunity for an Indian brand to grow. The team is currently working on creating new policies for the operating system, which could define the goals and ambition for the same.

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Creating a new operating system in India for mobile platforms will not help to get a better alternative for both but will also boost the production of electronics manufacturing in India, as new hardware could be developed to support the new operating system. India has been looking at large investments in IT and startup companies for a long time and as per them, it would be right now for the government to work along with these companies and develop their own operating ecosystem. The government is still looking for ideas and capabilities in the companies while preparing the policies which will act as as a roadmap for the same.


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