Indian scientists discover material that can repair itself

A few months back, news started coming in about a new kind of material for smartphones that can heal itself in case of damage. It is not a new technology and is something smartphone industries have been trying to work on for years now. Finally, a group of Indian scientists has been able to create a new material which is piezoelectric molecular crystals. It not only repairs itself in case of damage but also does not require any kind of external intervention. 

The crystal generally works on the concept of generating electricity which further undergoes a mechanical impact and repairs the damage on its own. If the technology comes into commercial use after the research and development are complete, it can increase the durability and life of the products and other things that it will be used in. Also, it would decrease the maintenance cost of the product. The material was created in the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur. 

The self-healing process of the molecules starts in milliseconds to repair the surface. Such material not only increases durability but will also make sure that things last a lot longer. It can not only be used in smartphones but also in many different products and vehicles as well. The application that it can be used on is various, however, it will still take some time for this technology to fully develop and become commercially available to all. 

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