Instagram to allow 60-minute IGTV video in the main feed

One of the major features of Facebook is that it allows the user to add and upload video with a longer length when compared to its other platform Instagram. However, it is soon going to be the same for Instagram as well, as the company will not allow users to add a video with a 60-minute length, which will be shown in the regular feeds. The company will be rebranding IGTV as Instagram TV which would focus more on seamless video experience for the users. The company is removing the IGTV video format permanently and that the posted videos will not show on the main Instagram feed.

Before the changes, the users had to leave the main app and view the videos on IGTV. However, the new IGTV that will be rebranded, would now be available on the main feed of Instagram, which means that the user does not have to leave the main app any time. The step has been taken to increase the user engagement in video format and grab more user base from TikTok. However, doing this is removing Instagram from its basic platform of sharing photos online.

YouTube video

The company understands that but have they have also confirmed that it helps them in competing with other apps as well. After the acquisition from Facebook, Instagram has been through a lot of changes where more and more features are being added to the platform, which is similar to Facebook. Be it the messaging services or the video experience, all of them have been enhanced to make the platform more interactive for users. It would be interesting to see the kind of changes it brings to user engagement.


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