Instagram Unveils Exciting New Feature: Download and Share Reels Beyond the App

A prominent social media giant, Instagram, has recently unveiled an exciting feature bound to delight its vast user base. In response to persistent user requests over the years, Instagram has finally fulfilled its wishes by introducing the ability to download and share Reels created by others, even outside the confines of the app. This development directly responds to TikTok, which has enjoyed success by facilitating content sharing across platforms, thanks to its distinct watermark that serves as a marketing tool.

Taking to his Instagram broadcast channel on Tuesday, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, personally announced this highly anticipated feature. He divulged that users in the United States now have the convenience of downloading Reels directly to their device’s camera roll with a simple tap on the share icon, followed by the selection of the Download option. This newfound capability empowers users with greater control over the content they produce and enjoy on Instagram. However, it raises a thought-provoking question: should such a user-friendly download option be available across all platforms?

It is important to note that downloading Reels is limited to content posted by public accounts. Additionally, public performances retain the authority to disable the download option for their Reels, should they desire more stringent control over the distribution of their content. While it remains uncertain whether downloaded Reels will bear a watermark, Mosseri’s accompanying image subtly suggests the inclusion of an Instagram logo alongside the account name. This approach mirrors TikTok’s practice of attaching a watermark to downloaded videos. Notably, Instagram had previously permitted users to download their Reels from drafts without any watermark, making this a noteworthy change.

The introduction of Reels has already made a considerable impact on Instagram’s popularity, as Mark Zuckerberg revealed during the Q1 2023 earnings call that time spent on the platform surged by an impressive 24%. Following a format akin to TikTok, the platform renowned for viral videos, Instagram’s decision to enable Reels downloads undoubtedly signifies a significant milestone in its evolutionary journey.

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