Instagram makes it a mandate to enter birth date in the app

When you create an Instagram account, you just have to add your basic details, from which not all are a mandate. However, now Instagram will ask you to enter your birth date and unless you add it, you will keep getting notifications for the same. It might sound odd at first but there is a specific reason for it. Instagram was found to be creating another version of their popular platform for all kids under the age of 13. So this might help them to understand the number of users who are under this age limit and the type of content they browse on Instagram. 

Many law firms have already mentioned that such social media platforms have been unable to protect children so Instagram has confirmed that keeping the data about the age of users will help them to provide the right experience on Instagram based on their age. They have already announced in the past that they would default users under 16 to a private account when they join the platform. As per Instagram, when the user opens their app, they will get a popup notification about entering their age. 

if they neglect to do so, they will keep receiving multiple notifications for the same and at one time, they will not be able to use the app without entering their birth date. Users who have already entered their birth date in the profile will not be bothered by the notification. Also, Instagram is working on a new mechanism that could detect users entering false birth dates. Recently, Tinder also added a mechanism where the users will have to enter a valid government id for birth date verification for creating an account or operating an existing one.

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