Instagram to replace the Swipe Up feature with Link stickers

If you have been using Instagram, then you must have seen Stories that ask the users to swipe up to visit a link or a page. It has been a feature on Instagram for a very long time and now they have finally decided to part with it. It was one of the major ways through which Instagram content creators used to direct viewers to their page or a product link. However, starting from August 30, the feature will no longer be available on Instagram. 

As per the sources, the swipe-up feature will now be replaced with link stickers. Instagram has been testing the new link stickers on their platform since June and only a few users had the access to it. However, the feature will now be available to all the creators and business accounts who are verified and have a certain number of followers on their accounts. Link stickers bring in a lot of customization options for the creators which allow them to use different styles of stickers, different colors, and they can be placed anywhere on the screen for stories. 

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Another feature that has been added to it is that the viewers will be able to react to the stickers, which was not possible in the swipe-up feature. Instagram has confirmed that after the global launch of the feature, they will be further working on creating new link stickers with new designs and customization, to provide creators with more options. If you are a content creator or have a business account that is verified, you will be able to use it from August 30.

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