Instagram working on a new TikTok style vertical feed for stories

The ban of TikTok in many countries led to an excellent opportunity for other social media companies to use the same feature and attract the users of TikTok. Instagram was the very first platform to gain the advantage of the opportunity and started rolling out a new feature that allowed the users to make such short videos. Now, the platform has added yet another feature that will soon be introduced to global users as a vertical feed for stories. The vertical feeds are completely inspired by TikTok and provide the users the option to view stories in a vertical video feed format, which is the same as TikTok. 

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Reels was earlier introduced by the company to imitate what was earlier offered to the users from TikTok. The features were spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter, after which he shared the image on the same platform revealing it to people. The reports state that the feature is not live yet but the changes have been made to the internal code of the Instagram app which is in the works. Since the feature is in the early stage and has still not been developed completely, it might take a while before the feature actually makes an official entry on Instagram. 

The growing popularity and millions of users on the TikTok platform do show that other platforms like Instagram are trying to embrace the same to attract a larger group audience. While Instagram has been experimenting with Reels, platforms like Youtube has also been doing it with Youtube Shorts which is turning out to be very popular.

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