Intel launches Intel Core i9-12900 KS CPU, clocked at 5.5GHz

CES 2022 is on and Intel is not leaving this opportunity to make some really big announcement. They have recently announced their new 12th generation Intel Series H processor and also a new chipset made for autonomous cars. However, one big announcement from the company was still missing and they have finally made it. The company has announced a new beast in the market of processors which is the Intel Core i9-12900 KS CPU which has been clocked to 5.5GHz.

The company claims that the CPU can boost one of its cores to 5.5GHz and is going to be a part of the KS series of processors from Intel. Also, the company showed the performance of the chipset while running the game Hitman 3 and the CPU was able to keep a consistent clock speed of 5.2GHz on all of the eight cores. The company has confirmed that the processor will not be available for sale to the end-users for now and will only be available through OEMs.

YouTube video

However, in a few months, it will be made available to the end-users as well. Intel has not given any other details regarding the CPU such as the power drawn or the temperature of the CPU during its peak performance. Therefore, it is expected that these details will soon come out either from Intel’s end or by reviewing the OEM unit that is powered by this processor. Overall, the processor does seem to be very powerful and promising as well.


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