iOS 14 comes with Redesigned Field Test mode

Ever since Apple has announced iOS 14, users have been trying the beta version on their iPhones. Apart from various changes that an iPhone brings in the software’s design and looks, there have been changes in  Field Test mode. The new Field Test mode brings in new looks for this model. It now has a home screen with LTE cell serving info and a menu that provides the user with other necessary details about the device.

These details are related to device info and breakdowns of LTE, UMTS, and GSM functionality. The information and details provided in the iOS 13 version of the Field Test mode are completely the same compared to the new iOS 14 version. The only major difference that one can see is in the looks and layout for the same. 

The layout has been redesigned to provide easier navigation. The Field Test mode is one of the most important modes in the iPhone, used to access in-depth detail about the cellular signal and connection. It has been designed to be used by engineers and cellular operators to check the connection and signal details.

It is not a function that users will be using regularly. If you want to access the field test mode, then open the phone app and dial *3001#12345#* and press the home button, it will open the Field Test mode. It was earlier used to measure the signal strength in numerical measurement, which is not available as a feature in new iPhones. 


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