iOS 15.0.1 update released, fixing iPhone 13 unlocking issue with Apple Watch

A few days back, Apple rolled out an update in which the issue where Apple Watch was unable to unlock iPhone 12 was resolved. In this issue, when the user is using an Apple Watch, it was supposed to unlock the iPhone almost immediately, when both the devices were in close proximity. However, since it was not working due to the issues, Apple had to work on a new fix for it and release it. Now it seems that the same issue has also occurred in the iPhone 13 smartphone as well. 

Due to this, Apple has rolled out iOS 15.0.1 and iPadOS 15.0.1 updates which will not only fix this issue but will also bring a fix for many other issues users were facing. The update comes a few weeks after the release of iOS 15 and brings improvements in SharePlay, Focus mode, FaceTime, and other critical issues. During the time the issue existed, Apple requested the users to turn off the feature until the fix is released. 

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There was also an issue where users cannot unlock their iPhones through Apple Watch, especially when they were wearing a mask. The update has been released for iPhone 6s and later models, therefore, if you have been facing the same issue, then you can download and install the update immediately. To check for the new update, one can simply go to Settings>> General>> Software Update. If the update does not show up, you can wait for a few hours as it will be available for download very soon.


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