iOS 15.4 beta update brings AR/VR headset support and push notification for web apps

Apple has been working on bringing AR and VR features to their mobile devices for a long time and the upcoming update from Apple confirms a new feature to support it. Apple has recently released the iOS 15.4 beta update to the developers and public beta users which comes with multiple new features and major changes to their Safari browser. The new update will finally feature push notifications for web apps on iOS and WebXR API for AR/VR headset support.

One of the features in the update allows for universal icons for web apps so that the developer does not need to provide code to provide a web icon. Also, these updates will be applicable on both the website and web apps accessed through the Safari browser. The major upgrade that the new iOS update will bring is the push notification feature for the web apps on the iOS devices which was not available till now. The same feature is currently available on Safari in macOS, but now it has finally been introduced on the iOS version of Safari as well.

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Although these features are present in the beta update, there is no certainty that they will make it up to the final update. Testing is still going on for these features and if all goes well, it might take a little while before the feature makes it to the final update. The update now also features the WebXR API, which provides support for AR/VR headsets on the websites. Apple is also working on a new mixed reality headset which will be launched by the end of this year.


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