iOS 15 brings a lot of improvements and addition to Spotlight search

Apple will soon be launching iOS 15 for iPhones and it brings in a lot of changes, especially when it comes to design and the functionality of Spotlight. Although it is still under testing for bugs and other optimization, many of the features that we can expect are already known. One of the major differences that the users will be able to notice after upgrading to iOS 15 is the search optimization in Spotlight. Spotlight could now be accessed even from the locked screen, with just a swipe down. 

It makes it easier for the users as they do not have to unlock the phone just to search for something on Spotlight. The results shown on Spotlight search are now going to be much richer and will have more information. Instead of just text, it will now also add images and data. For example, if a user is searching for a movie, it will not only list the details for the same but will also list the actors, trailers, seasons, links to the TV app, and a lot more. 

The new search method will also allow the users to have a web image search. When you search for a term, the Spotlight will highlight a range of images, which when clicked on will give more details about the image as well. Also while searching for an app, you can simply install it from the SPotlight screen, without having to close the search window. Spotlight search has also integrated the Maps functionality to provide you the suggestion of a location-based the search


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