iOS 15 updates to make drag and drop copy feature faster and easier

Apple brings a wide range of feature and design changes with iOS upgrades and this time they are going to bring another new feature to the iPhone owners. The new iOS update would not only bring new features but would also improve the looks of the existing interface. The new feature will change the ways users have been copying the text and images on the iPhone and will make it faster and more interactive. When we think of copy-pasting the components in the PC, the process is the easiest, however, the same is not as fast and easy on an iPhone or any other smartphone for this reason.

However, with the new iOS 15 update, things will get a lot smoother. The new change would bring a significant change to the drag and drop functionality on the smartphone. iPhone users will now be able to drag and drop text, images, files, and more from one app to another. Previously the feature could only be done on a single application. Now the changes will work on multiple apps as well.

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For example, copying words from notes to email directly would be much faster and the same will be applied to images and files. Users can simply drag the component and the process will be complete. Users have to select the app that they want to copy the items from and drag the component to another app and release it. The process is the same as done on a PC with the use of a mouse. Both the applications should be open at the same time for the process.

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