iOS developers can now publish unlisted apps through a private link

Most of the apps that are listed on the App Store for iOS are meant for anyone to download who needs to use the app. To make sure that the app reaches the maximum audience, it is posted on the App Store. However, there are apps created by the developers which are only meant for a certain group of users, and posting them on the App Store would only lead to more costs for the developers. Currently, Apple allows the developers to restrict the app download on App Store based on the geographical location. 

It would help in only allowing people from a certain country to download the app. Now iOS developers will be able to publish unlisted apps on the App Store through a private link. These apps can be made for a group of users like employees in an office or the members of a group etc. The private links for these apps can be distributed by the developers based on their preferences. It would allow the developers to share their apps with a small circle of people. 

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However, the apps can be downloaded by anyone through the link and there is no restriction in doing so. Apple has also suggested the developers add a mechanism in such apps that could prevent any unauthorized usage through the download link. The app that will be published through the private link will not appear in the public search results and recommendations of the App Store. 

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