IoTeX introduces Ucam, powered completely by blockchain.

IoT is one of the largest concepts and more and more companies have been using these concepts to offer newer products to the customers. In similar events, IoTeX, which is a CA-based open-source platform in Silicon Valley, wants to extend the concept of IoT and bring its vision alive for the Internet of Trusted Things. For that, it is using blockchain technology. Security products like NEST and RING have made consumer awareness of the use and importance of security and privacy devices these days. 

The company has partnered with Chinese company Shenzhen, and have together made Ucam security cameras. Now what makes these security cameras different is the use of blockchain technology to operate it. Ucam uses blockchain, end-to-end encryption, and edge computing technology, which allows the users to control, own, share, and use videos captured by the device. Ucam computing is done locally without the need for centralized servers. It is something not available in any smart security cameras till now and they need to be connected to centralized servers all the time. 

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With corporations having access to decrypted data through normal security camera devices, they have complete access to our home videos. It is one feature that UCam is much better. It is a user-owned, uncrackable private key, which prevents the two most common types of camera hacks today: brute force password hacks and cross-pollination of data breaches. It uses a combination of blockchain, edge computing, and end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy for users using verifiable technology.


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