The new iPad 2022 will come with a mini LED display

A few weeks back details started coming in for the products that Apple is going to release in the year 2022. One of the first devices on the list was the new premium Macbook Air that the company will be launching next year. It will be following the new Mac design with sharp edges and will come in multiple colors. It will also be powered using the new M2 chipset as per the rumors. 

Now, details have come in for the new iPad Pro 2022 which will have a lot of new changes, variants, and a lot more. As per the recent leaks, the new iPad Pro will join the lineup of Apple devices that will be using the mini LED display, making them better and power efficient. This will be added to all the variants of the iPad Pro from next year. Apart from that, we might see Apple launching two new variants of the iPad Pro which might be larger in terms of screen size as well. 

Expected variants for the iPad can be 14 and 16 inches. However, the company has not confirmed the same till now. Another update is about the new iPad which can come in early 2022 with an OLED display. The new display on the iPad will be a lot thinner and will provide a much higher clarity and quality. Apple is yet to confirm the same about the upcoming devices, but we expect to see a lot more leaks and information about it in the coming months.


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