iPhone 13’s satellite communication feature might not be available everywhere

A few days back, a piece of new information about the iPhone 3 came in that the phone might include support for satellite calls. Later it was updated that the satellite calls will only be limited to emergency calls in the area where mobile network is not available. Now, a recent report claims that the new satellite call feature might not be available in all parts of the globe and will only be limited to a few countries. We all know that the iPhone 13 series has had a lot of new upgrades, making it much better than the previous generation. 

Be it is the hardware changes, display changes, or addition of new features. The phone is slowly catching up to Android smartphones as well when compared to the premium flagship features they provide. It has also been confirmed that the new iPhone 13 will be equipped with new hardware for satellite communication which assures that the feature will be there. However, there might be a few issues as the addition would be expensive and might cause an issue with the mobile phone carriers. 

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Also, the feature is not going to be super fast. If one needs to use it, it might take a while before it can connect using the satellite. The phone will be arriving later this month but the official launch date has not been confirmed yet. The phone is expected to bring a completely new experience for the users and is expected to launch at the same price as iPhone 12 series. We can also expect to see the launch of the Apple Watch 7 along with it.


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