iPhone SE 2022 will have a similar design to iPhone XR

It is almost confirmed that Apple is going to launch the all-new iPhone SE 3 in the year 2022 and the event for launch might be in the month of March. As per the leaked reports and images, the phone is expected to go through a major design change next year, where it will no longer have thick bezels and will have a much more refined design. iPhone SE has been one of the most affordable smartphones from the company through the global market and the sale has shown some really good numbers for it.

However, the older generation of iPhone SE started lacking due to its old design, due to which it did not appeal to most of the users. It is why the expected new design theme of the iPhone SE 3 will be very similar to the design of the iPhone XR. The phone is most probably going to be launched with the A13 or A14 Bionic chipset and the front display will be exactly similar to that of iPhone XR, where the users will only notice a small notch on the top instead of thick bezels.

Since iPhone XR has a larger form factor, the transformation of the iPhone SE 3 would be a huge upgrade. Also, the smartphone will come with a single camera lens on the rear. The new generation phone is also expected to come with MagSafe charging, IP68 rating, fast charging support, and wireless charging. Also, it is expected that the new iPhone SE might not come with a charger in the box as with the latest smartphones from Apple.


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