Jio released a new video “Making of the JioPhone next” to tell people about the idea behind its making

The much expected Jio Phone Next is coming to the Indian market at the time of Diwali and ahead of the launch, the company has released a video named “Making of the JioPhone Next“. The video is meant to provide the customers with a vision and idea that was behind the launch of the smartphone. The company claims that the design has been created with India at its heart and has already had global attention. The smartphone has been designed and priced with the thought of providing every Indian with access to digital technology.

The video that has been released by the company shows how the affordable device is going to empower people with opportunities and how it will affect the lives of millions. The phone is fully equipped with all the features that you can expect from a smartphone and comes with a newly designed Pragati OS, powered by Android. The phone has been designed in a way that provides optimal performance and battery life as well.

The phone is powered using a Snapdragon chipset and will be priced between the price range of Rs 3,000 – Rs 3,500. Although the price has not been disclosed as of now, the expected price has almost been confirmed by many sources. If you are looking for a smartphone that can run dual 4G SIM and has all the latest features at the most affordable price, then the JioPhone Next is something you should definitely look out for. You can watch the video for the smartphone on the social media handles of the company.


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