Krafton has banned more than 190,000 account on BGMI due to hacking

Battleground Mobile India or BGMI has seen a massive response from users in India ever since its launch and after its release on iOS, the game has added millions of users on each platform. However, with the increasing number of players, there were a lot of issues in the gameplay due to hackers and people who were using cheating apps. BGMI was ready to deal with such things right from the start and as per the latest reports that the company has provided 195,423 accounts that have already been banned from the platform between August 20-26. 

The company is trying its best to remove any kind of issues and hacking in the game at the earliest. The users who are playing the game will also get a notification in the messages, letting them know how serious Krafton is about removing hackers from the game and what kind of actions they will be taking in the future as well. The company confirmed that it has received a lot of complaints regarding hackers during the gameplay, which demotivates fair gameplay and also damages the image of the game. 

However, Krafton has assured the users that such bans on hacker accounts will continue and action will be taken when a report of hacking has been confirmed. They will continue to sustain a pleasant gaming experience for all the users across India on all platforms. With so many accounts being banned, it does seem like Krafton is seriously handling the issue with the utmost strictness.

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