Krafton files a lawsuit against Garena, Apple, and Google app stores for copying and selling Free Fire mobile games.

PUBG is one of the most popular mobile games on both Android and iOS right now. However, those who have been playing for a while must have heard the name FreeFire as well. Freire is a game very similar to PUBG, based on the same Battle Royale platform. PUBG and PUBG Mobile developers have recently sued the Apple App Store Google Play Store and Garena Online, who are the creators of Free Fire. The lawsuit has been claimed over a copyright infringement on Garena’s game called Free Fire.

As per Krafton, the FreeFire game has copied a lot of content from the game PUBG, such as opening, gameplay, and structure. It also includes color schemes, materials, and textures in the game. Apart from these companies, Krafton has also sued Youtube for hosting videos emerging from the infringing material. There are a lot of lawsuits against multiple companies and Garena has simply responded by saying that the claims are groundless.

YouTube video

As per Krafton, the game has been completely copied from PUBG, and Google, and App Store have been selling it ever since. Krafton claims that Garena has earned millions of dollars based on a game copied from PUBG and similarly Google and Apple have also earned communion by selling their apps on their platform. As per the company, the complaint about the same was initially reported to Google and Apple. However, since they were unable to take any kind of action in this regard, they have to claim a lawsuit.

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