Is Krafton working on a Battlegrounds Mobile India lite version

Battlegrounds mobile India was launched a few weeks back and has already had millions of downloads, although the game is still not available on iOS. The company made it clear that they will be launching the iOS version of the game soon as well. However, there is another news online which might come true for BGMI fans that do not have a high-end phone and like playing games on a phone with a low-end configuration. It is suspected that the company will be launching the BGMI Lite edition in the months to come. 

PUBG Lite version was also very similar and was launched for smartphones that do not support high-end graphics. As per the latest report, Krafton is currently working on BGMI and making improvements on the same. However, they might be working on BGMI lite at the same time. If that comes true, users with affordable smartphones will also be able to play the game in the same way. There are no details about the Lite version for now, but it is surely under development now. 

The company is also organizing a lot of new tournaments of games ever since the new launch and will make sure that they get enough hype for the game before the iOS version of the game is launched. It is expected that the iOS version of BGMI will be launched by the end of August 2021. Krafton has confirmed a release of the same soon but has not mentioned any confirmed date.

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