Users will now be able to hide “last seen” on WhatsApp from a specific person

While using WhatsApp you might have used the feature where you can hide the “last seen” status from other users. However, it will be applied to all the people on WhatsApp and you cannot do that for specific people. Now a new feature has been added to the beta version of WhatsApp where the same feature can be used but only on a specific number of contacts.

With this active feature in the beta version, the users can hide the “last seen” status from specific contact only, while the other contact will be able to see the “last seen” status. The feature has been in development for months now and has finally been released in the beta version. The feature is currently available only to a limited beta member and will be made available to all the other beta users in the coming months.

Since this feature allows you to hide the “last seen” from a specific person only, you will not be able to see the “last seen” for the same person. The feature works in the same way as it used to for the feature before. Also, WhatsApp might be bringing more such features in the upcoming beta version which has been long due in the development. For now, this new feature can be rolled out on the app in the next few months, most probably anytime next year. Until then, if you have beta access to the WhatsApp messaging app, then you can check if the feature is currently available for you or not.


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