New LemonDuck Crypto Malware is affecting Windows users

One of the most common types of malware that has affected the Windows operating system users for a while is crypto-malware. It affects the performance of Windows and uses the system for crypto-mining without the owner of the system knowing about it. One such malware has been recently detected and is spreading at a very fast rate. The new LemonDuck named malware has already evolved into sophisticated malware and has affected users worldwide. The malware is affecting the users both on Windows and Linux operating systems.

 The threat was reported by the Windows 365 Defender threat intelligence team. As per them, it is basically attacking companies who have been working on systems that are still not updated and have not patched the system of previously known vulnerabilities. The malware is also known to steal the login and other important credentials from the system. It would remove all the security controls on the system to make it easily spread through the system and install it completely in the system. It would further make the system vulnerable to any type of attack from various sources. 

The malware is said to be spreading through news, trending topics, campaigns, and other things that users normally check out on the internet. The malware is said to be affecting countries like the USA, China, India, Russia, Germany, UK, and many more. It has been confirmed that the malware is basically targeting IoT companies and manufacturing companies as well. Therefore, updating the system and patching them with the latest update seems to be the best option for avoiding malware entering the system.


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