LG has just patented a new rollable screen laptop

Rollable displays seem to be the new talk of the town as many companies have now started showing off their development and work on the same. Ever since foldable smartphones have come into the market a couple of years back, the development of rollable and bendable screens has increased by a lot. A few days back Samsung officials were spotted with a new phone having a rollable screen, which was obviously a prototype, after which Oppo unveiled a concept where the screen on the phone could roll down to minimize or stretch the screen size. 

Now it seems that LG is also working on a similar concept, where they have recently patented a 17-inch laptop with a rolling display. LG already has a rollable TV on its high-end Signature lineup starting at $60,000 and they have filed for a Rollable name as well for such devices. The patent filed by LG shows a new laptop form factor that has a 17-inch display that rolls up to stow away. The display size will be able to roll and stretch to a size of 17 inches from 13 inches and vice versa. 

YouTube video

The patent also reveals that the design would allow the keypad and touchpad to fold onto itself to take up even less space when idle or not being used. There is currently no news from LG as to revealing a similar concept for its users, but it seems that the year 2021 will be a year for devices with rollable screens.


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