LG launches its first rollable Smart TV.

LG is known to provide some of the best technologically innovative products in the market. Now the company has yet again surprised the fans with a new rollable 65-inch TV. The company has launched a new rollable TV in the retails stores of South Korea for people to look at. The new rollable TV is available for sale at a price of a whopping $87,000. The LG Signature OLED R is a 65-inch screen that can be rolled up completely and then disappear into its aluminum base at the bottom. 

This allows the screen to operate at different screen sizes like 65-inch when it is fully exposed and a lesser screen as you start folding it at the bottom. The TV is not only powerful but also has a loud sound system. It comes with a 4.2 channel speaker, which provides 100W of output power. The TV can also be connected to a Bluetooth speaker, with different Line modes available like Music, Clock, Frame, Mood, and Home Dashboard. 

The TV has been manufactured by the Gumi TV plant in Gyeongbuk. Danish textile company Kvadrat provides the fabric that covers the speakers and is available in Signature Black, Moon Gray, Topaz Blue, and Toffee Brown. The base of the TV is made out of aluminum and can be engraved or inscribed as required by the customer. Since the TV is a premium device, it will come with three years of extended service, where the technicians will come twice a year to inspect the TV.


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