LG rollable screen smartphone project has been put on hold

The CES event that was held last month revealed a lot of new technologies and devices that the companies have been planning to roll out in the future. One of the highlighted technologies was the rollable screen that was unveiled by LG. The company claimed that they have been working on a new type of smartphone that will come with the rollable screen technology. The phone was expected to come later this year, however, it now seems that the phone has been delayed and might be launched next year or even further. The report was leaked by Yonhap News who is claiming that the project has been currently put on hold. 

It is not a surprise as a month back information started to leak out in the market that LG is looking to sell off their smartphone business as it has not received the expected response and sales from the customers. The company has not given any type of official statement on the same but it is clear that the potential downfall of sales is the major reason behind it. 

It has also been reported that due to this LG’s suppliers might be seeking compensation for the work that they have already done on the project. The rollable screen project could have a serious market for LG and could have been a very good option for premium smartphones in the market. However, it seems that we will not be looking at the smartphone concept coming into reality now unless there are changes in the plan of selling their smartphone unit.


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