LG to introduce a new 48- inch bendable 4K display with CSO technology

When it comes to curved displays or foldable displays, LG has already showcased a few products they have been working on. Also, the company is further trying to develop a platform where the screen could be further enlarged and contracted at the same time. Now, as per the recent news, the company will be showcasing a new 48-inch 4K ‘Bendable CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) display’ at the upcoming virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 conference. 

The display will be able to switch between a flat-screen display and a bendable display. As per the company, the display will be “paper-thin” and can be curved up to a 1,000mm radius. LG confirms that the display is capable of delivering a “uniform viewing distance from the middle of the screen to its edge.” it will have a response time of 0.1 milliseconds and a 120Hz refresh rate. It will also be the first display from LG to use the CSO technology for audio which was first showcased in CES 2017. 

The company has made a lot of development and upgrades since then and has made it much slimmer and more powerful in terms of sound quality. The display is mainly aimed towards the gamers for a better and more immersive experience. The announcement of the display was made after LG confirmed that transparent displays are coming to CES 2021. LG is expected to bring a lot more new products to the event, including displays, IoT products, and others. Let’s hope to get some more information before the official launch takes place.

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