LG’s 8K, the 55-inch monitor could be priced under $1000 in the Black Friday Sale

When it comes to monitor and display technology, 4K is one of the most popular and premium monitors that you can buy commercially. However, beyond that, we do not have any other option to buy an 8K smart TV, unless we are prepared to spend a very large amount of money. However, it might be possible to have an 8K monitor in the years 2022 and that too within the spending range of people. LG released an 8K monitor early this year, with a 55-inch screen, which had a huge discount and the price went down to $940. 

Although it was launched this year, such heavy discounts on the monitor gave an idea about how these 8K monitors could become a lot more affordable for people to buy in the future. It is expected that the price of the monitor could go down even further now in the Black Friday Sale of this year. While many of the business and home users are still adjusting to the 4K TV and monitors that are easily available, 8K is slowly starting to advance and will soon take the place of 4K monitors in a couple of years. It is expected that the Black Friday Sale would bring down the cost of a 55-inch LG 8K monitor to almost $900 or even less. 

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The monitor comes with a display that has more than 33 million pixels and a 40W 2.2 Dolby compatible audio system. It also has Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI 2.1 ports, USB ports, Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports, and an optical SPDIF audio port. The monitor comes with five years of warranty, making it a unique and only offering in its segment. So, if you are looking to buy a new monitor, especially a 4K, upgrading to an 8K monitor could turn out to be under your budget.


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