New Hig Power Mode in MacBook Pro 2021 provides a significant boost in performance

Apple has recently launched the new MacBook Pro 2021 version in the market and is infact one of the most powerful laptops out there. Apart from the design and cosmetic changes, the laptop also has increased performance and features which makes it the best in its segment. The new MacBook Pro series has been powered using the M1 Max chipset and it also has a unique feature that was not demonstrated during the launch event. 

However, the feature is very useful for people who want to run tasks and apps that are power and performance-hungry. One of such features present in the device is the “High Power Mode”. The “High Power Mode” has been specifically designed by Apple for conditions where the user wants to maximize the performance of the laptop to its fullest. It can be used for tasks such as color grading 8K ProRes video. The new model can be accessed through the System Preference menu and it will only be available on the 16-inch version, which is also the top-end variant of the series. 

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The company has not given any precise details on how it works, but it is for sure that it is going to drain a lot more power and might increase the fan noise as well. The new M1 Max chipset is a big upgrade from last year’s M1 chipset and provides a significant boost in performance. If you are looking for a laptop that can run the most power-hungry apps, then the new MacBook 16-inch is the device to go for.

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