Mark Zuckerberg showcases new haptic gloves for meta-universe

A few days back, Facebook renamed itself Meta so that it can change its brand image from a social media company to a metaverse company. In the same announcement, Mark Zuckerberg also announced that they will be making over 10billion as an investment to make Metaverse even better for the users. They wanted to develop Meta as a virtual universe where the users are able to play, feel and interact with all the things done in the virtual universe. Recently, images and videos have been found online where Mark Zuckerberg is playing Jenga and the fist bump game in virtual reality using the haptic gloves the company is making.

These haptic gloves will be used to interact in the virtual world as well as feel the objects in the metaverse. The new Haptic gloves will be able to replicate the feel of the texture in the virtual universe, the pressure, and give a sensation of touching the object in reality. The video was posted by Mark Zuckerberg himself which shows him trying out the haptic gloves for the games. The gloves are being developed to bring a real sense of touch to the virtual world.

They have already been working on these gloves for the last seven years and the development has finally reached its final stages. The gloves, when fully developed, will be paired with the VR headsets and eventually AR glasses in the future. The video has been posted on the official page of Meta on Facebook. It sure looks like that the new haptic gloves could provide a lot of new opportunities where the developers can create Virtual Reality apps that provide users with a whole new experience.

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