MediaTek announces Dimensity 5G Open Resource Architecture, offering smartphone manufacturers complete customization

Mediatek is one of the most popular chipsets among smartphone companies when they are looking for low-cost manufacturing. After the company launched the Dimensity chipset range, which also provided a 5G feature to the smartphone, a huge demand for the same was seen in the 5G smartphones that were launched in 2021. Now the company has launched the Dimensity 1200 range of chipset under the 5G Open Resource Architecture, which allows the smartphone manufacturers to completely customize the smartphone features as per the requirement from different smartphone segments. 

The new series of chipsets based on 5G Open Resource Architecture has started to ship as soon as July month started and will now be part of every smartphone that will be released in the future with Dimensity chipset. The new architecture allows the smartphone companies to drop the default firmware from Mediatek and customize all the elements to what they require. Different elements of the smartphone-like camera, graphics, APU, sensors, etc can now be customized and tweaked with the latest architecture. 

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It gives the companies the power to offer customers features that were not as powerful before. With the launch of the new initiative, it seems like the company is going to give a very tough competition to competitors like Qualcomm, Samsung, and more. As soon as the new chipset gets launched in the future smartphones, we will get to see a more hands-on experience as to how it has changed the offering from the smartphone companies.

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