MediaTek announces two new Helio chipset G96 and G88

One of the two major chipset companies in the smartphone industry, Mediatek has released another chipset in the Helio series which can be a major upgrade for 4G smartphones. While the companies are creating more 5G chipsets in the market, Mediatek has offered two premium chipsets in the category. The two chipsets released by them are Helio G96 and G88. Both smartphones bring a lot of new features and support for more upgrades. The Helio G96 is the successor to the G95 chipset and has a pair of Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.05 GHz and six A55 cores. 

The configuration is the same as G95 but the GPU has been degraded to Mali-G57 MC2. However, the chipset does come with upgrades, like a 120Hz refresh rate and 1080p+ resolution for the display. It will make a considerable upgrade in the display for 4G smartphones. The best upgrade can be recognized as the support for a 108MP camera sensor, but the video will still be recorded at 30fps on 4K. It also includes a better Bluetooth 5.2 version, faster LTE speeds, and faster storage. 

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The Helio G88 is a successor to G85 and has the same processor as the previous generation. It has the same GPU Mali-G57 MC2 and gets 1080p+ resolution support along with a 90Hz refresh rate. It also brings support for a 64MP camera sensor which was previously 48MP. Both the chipset will soon be seen in the smartphone that will be launched in the future as many smartphone companies have now adopted Mediatek chipset for their smartphones.


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