Meta acquires Supernatural, the VR fitness app

Facebook has recently rebranded itself as Meta, the company which is focusing primarily on the virtual world and how users can indulge in it. Ever since the rebranding, the company has been acquiring related companies and hiring people which can help them achieve the new possibilities of the virtual world. Recently, the company has acquired the developer of Supernatural, which is a Beat Saber-style workout app. Supernatural has been really successful when it comes to virtual reality fitness. 

Meta has acquired this company to expand its VR capabilities on its platform. Using the Supernatural platform and the Virtual environment capabilities, the company will be able to provide users with creative ways to work out and have a better virtual and social experience. Also, they have confirmed that they will be launching new exercises every day on this platform through Meta. The existing team of Supernatural will continue to work like it, as a part of Meta’s Reality Labs Division. 

It is not the only company Meta has been going forward with in terms of the acquisition, they are looking out for more such developers and companies which can help them create a virtual world for users where they can carry out every activity without having to be physically present at a location. We do expect Meta to make some major announcements in the future as to what they will be offering to the users and how they will merge new technologies. They are also expected to offer new VR products in the future which will work with their Meta services.

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