Micromax to re-enter the smartphone market with a bang.

Micromax was one of the top phone manufacturers in India for a while, with a lot of dominance in the budget phone segment. However, with the coming of Android phones and various internal competitors providing the smartphones at the least prices, Micromax sort of diminished from the market and now you can only see a handful of phones from Micromax in the market. The company was known to provide some really good-looking and feature-rich phones in its time and it seems that the company is all set to make a comeback again. 

The Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma announced on Friday that the company is looking for a big comeback with a new and feature-rich phone in the Indian market. The company will be making a return in the market after almost two long years. In the short teaser video, the co-founder has mentioned details about his early years and how Micromax started and became the top smartphone brand in India. However, the intervention of affordable Chinese handset companies gave the mobile manufacturer a very tough competition. 

The company has not yet confirmed whether the phone will be launched under the same brand name or with new branding, but it does seem that they are well prepared for re-entry in the market. The company claims that they will be coming with a new budget-friendly smartphone that will have premium features and modern looks. The current market and the options available with the customers will definitely provide Micromax a fair chance to play.

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