Microsoft blocks the tester to use Windows 10 left-aligned Start menu in the preview build of Windows 11

Since the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has already released a version of the same for developers and testers, which would help them create apps and applications for the operating system and test its bugs or other features. However, there seems to be a recent development in Windows 11, which has left the testers unhappy. Microsoft is not allowing the testers to Switch back to Windows 10 Start menu in the latest preview build as per the latest update. 

The Start menu in Windows 11 is center aligned rather than left-aligned which used to be the case in the previous version. This is not the first time Microsoft has tried to block some functionality for testers in the preview version, but the testers have found a workaround for the same by making changes in the registry files. Although it is not recommended to change the registry files in any way, it would still work to get the left-aligned Start menu. 

YouTube video

Also, since the preview version might already have a lot of hidden bugs, changing the registry files might create problems in the system. The tweak to the registry was also blocked by Microsoft in the new build of the preview operating system with build number 22000.65. One of the major reasons to do that would be to find the bugs and issues in the operating system in its original form and not in a modded form. Microsoft might want the testers to try the new changes for a while and then give feedback to make the improvements in the final version which is all set to launch later.


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