Microsoft is bringing in a big update for Windows 10

Microsoft is making a lot of changes in Windows 10 through its update and most of them have been visual tweaks, something that Microsoft never focused on before. Now the company is looking to revamp the look of Start Menu, Action Center, and legacy File Explorer. The details can be seen within the Windows 10 preview builds and internal documentation. The company is trying to entirely change the way the Windows operating system looks. There has been a shift in the focus of the company from the last couple of years where the updates are more focused on the design. 

The trend started with Windows 8 where the company introduced the “Metro design” and was added to the apps that were launched during that time as well. Now as per the leaked details, the new design theme of the Windows 10 operating system will be “Fluent Design“”. It would not be a complete overhaul but there are going to make a lot of minor changes to the operating system. You will easily notice context menus, hamburger menu, app bar, taskbar, and other UI areas. 

They will also be tuning up a lot of interface inconsistencies which already exist in the core operating system. There will also be changed in the animation and graphics which you will be able to notice in transitions. The expected date of the changes is going to be holidays 2021 and is still under developments. One thing is for sure that these changes are going to add a lot of new experience for the user in looks and performance as well.

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